What you need to know about steel AISI 410?

Martensitic/ferritic chrome stainless steel 1.4006 is characterized by a very good corrosion resistance when working with such substances as: organic acids, soaps or solvents. They are moderately aggressive measures that do not contain chlorine. To steel has acquired the highest degree of resistance should be polished or smooth surface free of all contamination, sediment or air strikes.

Very good machinability and weldability. The mechanical properties of the steel are very good. This grade of steel is resistant to atmospheric agents, diluted acids, alkaline batteries solutions. The yield strength Re > 450 MPa tensile strength Rm = 650-850 MPa, elongation is less than 15%.

Application of steel UNS S41000

Stainless steel S41000 is used in the oil and petrochemical industries. The main use is to build industrial machines. It is used for surgical instruments, for the manufacture of valves, nozzles, cutlery, steam turbine blade, hydraulic presses, nuts, bolts, water pumps, cracking machine parts, stainless steel sieve sieves and the production of blood cooking and dinnerware. Used for the components of equipment working in contact with water and steam.

Characteristics of AISI 410

For effective connections that are heavily loaded with steel should be heated before welding. Then, after welding, annealing or quenching and tempering. Steel can be hardened and is magnetic. The hardness of steel able to improved is greater than 24 HRC, while able to softened it from 121-187 HB. Low carbon content causes does not show significant strength compared with other types of structural steels. Compared with other species, is much more resistant to corrosion. Is resistant to adipic acid, arsenic, benzoic acid, boric, hydrazide, gallic, malic. In addition, low temperatures or concentrations also steel is resistant to nitric acid, chromic, tannic and carbolic, ammonium hydroxide, barium, aluminium, potassium. However, it is not resistant to salts and sulfur compounds.

Heat treatment

Process starts with softening annealing at temperatures from 750 to 800 °C with cooling in the oven. Hardening of steel is possible at temperatures between 950 to 1000 degrees °C in oil or air, and tempering from 700-790 °C with cooling in oil, air or water. For the production of stainless steel the most commonly supplied is able to softened and tempered.

Why martensitic or ferritic structure?

The reason stay on heat treatment and condition. After annealing products have ferritic condition, without any special mechanical properties. After Quenching and tempering material get martensitic condition with higher hardness, mechanical properties with lower corrosion resistance.

Learn How To Bake Your First Matcha Green Tea Cake

Pssst! Are you a matcha cake virgin?

If you are, don’t worry, your secret is safe with us!

But we would heartily recommend a slice of the green stuff to anyone, if for no other reason that it is delicious!

However, matcha tea cake is still something of a niche product. In order to try it, the unpalatable truth is that you may have to bake it yourself!

And the truth is, not everyone is an expert in home baking. But the good news is that you don’t need to be.

With so many excellent simple cake recipes out there, baking your first matcha green tea cake needn’t be a traumatizing experience.

Here’s our cake virgins guide to baking your first matcha green tea cake.

Virgin’s Matcha Pound Cake

Time Needed: One Hour

You Will Need

  • A simple loaf tin


  • ¼ cup melted butter or coconut oil
  • 2 large eggs
  • ½ cup milk – you can use dairy or almond milk
  • 1 cup of sugar
  • 1 cup of flour
  • 1 tablespoon cooking grade matcha powder
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • ¼ teaspoon salt


  • Get the oven to 325 F. Line a loaf pan with baking paper or spray grease.
  • Mix together the fat/oil with the sugar. You may use a food mixer or do it by hand.
  • Gradually add in the eggs, beating them carefully as you do so. Also add the milk.
  • In a different bowl, gather the flour, baking powder, salt and matcha powder.
  • Now add the dry mixture to the eggs, fat and milk. Blend it in well until it is nice and smooth.
  • Once well mixed, pour the mixture into your loaf pan.
  • Bake for 45 minutes or until the cake is a golden brown color. Check that it is cooked in the middle.
  • Allow to cool in cake tin for ten minutes, before transferring to a wire cooling rack.
  • That’s it – it really is that simple!


Ready to try more – here’s another recipe, only slightly more difficult!

NB: if you haven’t already got one, you will need to purchase a Bundt pan. This is a distinctively shaped cake tin and what is used to make the traditional European delicacy Gugelhupf.


Virgin’s Matcha Chiffon Cake

Time Needed: Forty Five Minutes For The Cake. Extra For Topping

You Will Need

  • An ungreased Bundt pan
  • A little bit of patience!


  • 1 tablespoon of matcha tea powder, cooking grade
  • 2/3 cup of cake flour
  • 3 separated eggs
  • 1 teaspoon of baking powder
  • ½ cup granulated sugar
  • 4 tablespoons of water
  • 3 tablespoons vegetable oil



  • Strawberries
  • Whipped cream


  • Heat the oven to 325 F
  • Gather the matcha and baking powder, with the flour and mix in a bowl.
  • Carefully beat the whites of the eggs, until they form soft peaks. Now add in two tablespoons of sugar and continue to beat.
  • In a separate bowl, beat the rest of the sugar with the yolks of the egg. Watch as the color lightens. Then add the water and the oil.
  • Gradually fold the flour into the egg yolks.
  • Now slowly add the whites into the mixture, bit by bit. It is important not to mix too much.
  • Spoon the mixture into the Bundt pan.
  • Bake for half an hour, no longer.
  • Check the cake is springy, but baked properly.
  • Turn upside down still in the Bundt pan to cool on a plate.
  • Allow to cool well.
  • Once it has cooled, very carefully tease the cake away from the pan with a spatula.
  • Add the strawberries and whip the cream when you are ready to serve it!

Congratulations! You have made your first matcha tea cake and will wow everyone with your ninja culinary skills!

Why Employers Should Drug Test Their Employees

Drug use in the United States has fluctuated over the years, yet one problem which still arises today is not having a work environment free of the dangers of substance abuse. The problem of drug use in the workplace is still a growing trend and many employers are standing up against the prevention of hiring and eliminating drug-using employees in the workplace through instant drug tests which can be a lifesaving asset for your business.

The Importance of Drug Tests

OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) statistics show about 75 percent of the current illicit drug users in the United States 18 and older are employed – that is an estimated 10 million people. Statistics also show that on a daily basis, at least 42,000 Americans come to work under the influence or even getting ‘high’ while on the job. With marijuana being the most commonly used drug and being legalized for recreational use in many parts of the country, we anticipate the number of drug users in the workplace to only increase unless business owners stand up against hiring any drug user or by cleaning up their current list of employees by enforcing a drug testing procedure in their business plan. The burden of drugs in the workplace will get worse if the employers do not take the extra measurement to protect their businesses to screen new and current employees. It is already estimated that businesses lose approximately $100 billion each year alone from problems arise from hiring a drug user.

The burden and costs to business owners of hiring a drug user in the workforce include:

  • Higher missing work rates
  • Higher accident rates
  • Higher turnover
  • Less quality and productivity work

Keep the Workplace Safe One Employee at a Time

Drug use can impair one’s judgment, give slow reaction times and is just plain out dangerous and a liability nightmare for some business owners. For some businesses, it can be more of a liability to have a drug user as one of their employees, such as factory worker in charge of an assembly line or an employee who is driving on the job making errands or deliveries, can be disastrous in terms of liability and safety. By incorporating a drug screening plan, your employees are looking forward to staying drug-free and you are helping your business avoid those small mistakes which can cause an accident and lead to serious injury or even death. It’s important for employees to be fully cognizant while on the job and that’s why we’ve incorporated an instant drug screening device to help you and your business.

Employee Performance

Employees under the influence of drugs may struggle to stay on task, come in on time or even do the job right. At the end of the day your business will struggle should you be allowing employees who use drugs in your workforce. A common instant use drug test allows employers to target a strategy to exclude those employees who aren’t reaching their full potential due to illicit drug use, removing weak links and improving their company’s performance by eliminating the weak link. At the end of the day, it’s about your business and you need to protect your asset by only hiring viable workers who can show up on time, do the job as described and aren’t a liability for your company.


Turnover Rates

One of the more common issues is any small business is the amount of turnover rates. By prescreening your employees with an instant use drug test as part of a pre-employment procedure, you are opting in possibly saving your business thousands in extra labor costs in terms of the hiring process, training, and work placement. As big as a problem as turnover rates are for many small businesses, instant use of drug tests are a simple way to reduce the problem prior to any employment agreement between the possible employee and your company.


A Drug Test Made for Your Business

There is no denying that workplace drug testing offers a careful way to establish the truth of someone’s drug use and as a protection, many business owners have opted in using drug test procedures to screen their new hires and current list of employees. In situations where the employee has a responsibility for the safety and/or welfare of others, and the employer has a responsibility to ensure the employees’ competence is viable for the job, is a strong argument for workplace drug tests to be carried out for both liability and productivity of the business.

However, if a workplace drug test procedure will be carried out, there are some basic ethical principles which need to be taken place to avoid any violation of the rights of the employee.

These include, but are not limited to:

  • Consent:Current and upcoming employees should know, ideally prior to taking the job, that drug abstinence is an expectation to fulfill the job at hand, and the workplace drug test is a planned occurrence in the business and mandatory requirement prior to being hired.
  • Confidentiality:People’s privacy must be respected, including whether workplace drug testing has taken place as well as the result.
  • Disability discrimination: An applicant or employee who is taking medication for a disability is protected by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Prescribed medications may turn up on drug tests, and some drugs that would otherwise be illegal (such as opiates) are legitimately prescribed for certain conditions of users with conditions which are prescribed by a doctor. If an applicant is turned down because of a positive drug test, and the applicant’s medication was legally prescribed for a disability, the company could be liable.
  • Repeat testsshould be conducted when a workplace drug test is positive, and your employee should be given the opportunity to explain a positive drug test result to avoid possible discrimination or false positive test.
  • Provide resources on addiction counseling and/or rehabfor those who are positive on a drug test.

Beyond the immediate financial impact of reduced quality, productivity, and strict liability caused by drug users in the workplace, there is also the long-term risk of losing market share due to a competitor or a loss in business reputation and credibility. With review sites such as Yelp, Google and Angie’s List to name a few, whatever happens even as a one-time occurrence may have a devastating effect on your business for years to come.

By taking the necessary step to protect your business today, you will reduce a great deal of risk by mandating a drug test on a regular occurrence in your HR department hiring process and current employee roaster. As an investment towards your business, the drug test itself is a minimal cost compared to employing a drug user.

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*Consult with your local state jurisdiction for further laws on state municipal codes regarding employee drug testing. This website or contents within are not listed as legal advice.


What Are The Benefits Of Signing Up For A Merchant Account?

Cash and checks are losing popularity with the increased accessibility of credit and debit card payment facilities. A merchant account is an account that enables you to acknowledge payments in various ways, opening up more potential outcomes and increasing the value of your business. Signing up for a merchant account has many benefits to offer.

Acknowledge Credit Cards and Boost Sales

First and foremost, accepting multiple forms of payment is key to bringing more deals to a close. A business that acknowledges credit card payments will have the capacity to tempt more customers and make more sales since regardless of whether they don’t have cash on hand or the funds accessible on their debit card, they are as yet ready to pay by means of credit card. In fact, several studies have inferred that customers spend progressively when given the alternative to pay with credit cards.

Encourage Online Payments

Considerably more opportunities to expand your sales are made with online payments. Merchant account can enable you to set up a reliable online store where you can reach more clients, with the ability to provide online invoicing, set up payment reminders, receive payments online and take your business with you wherever you go.

Boost Your Credibility, Reliability And Customer Relations

Declining or being not able acknowledge credit card payments influences your business to look unprofessional. Giving more than one payment option likewise enhances your association with your customers, as they put you in higher regard and value the accommodation of paying in the way they incline toward. Merchant accounts additionally offer upgraded security measures for transactions, which is an advantage all by itself, yet in addition, enhances the reliability and perceived status of your business.

Better Money Administration Improves Productivity

Transactions through cards and even online modes can streamline the transaction procedure. Transactions take just seconds to finish, leaving more opportunity to build customer satisfaction or proceed onward to the following sale or order of business. High-volume businesses can make their checkout lines more productive with the speed managed by card payment facilities. Not exclusively completes a merchant account it also saves the time at the moment of the transaction, it additionally accelerates the financial obligations of the business all in all, from end-of-day and end-of-month balancing to cash flow management and forecasting.

Maintain A Strategic Distance From Bad Checks And Bounced Payments

Card payments are close prompt, implying that if there is a failed transaction, the merchant and the customer are alarmed instantly. You are then ready to attempt the transaction again or pick an alternate type of installment, rather than missing out on the sale.

Simple And Easy To Setup

Most merchant account providers offer free setup with no hidden startup charges. They will have the capacity to rapidly set up your payment processing system with the goal that you can begin working and handling payments very immediately.

Improved Security

Merchant accounts regularly incorporate security highlights like SSL encryption that ensures your sensitive information, such as customers’ credit card data. You can offer your clients peace of mind while shopping, while you yourself likewise don’t have to worry about payment and information security threats.

For more information on the advantages of signing up for a merchant account, we are always up for a discussion. Speak one-on-one with a live merchant account manager at +(44) 800 776 5988 or go to www.ipaytotal.com

Is a Wedding Planner Certificate Worth It?

By 6 a.m., you’re on the computer, coffee in hand, reviewing the terms of a vendor contract. By 8 a.m., you’ve contacted a client to finalize a budget. Later, you travel to a charming lakeside venue to meet with another client to talk about set-up, color schemes, and the menu for her upcoming wedding reception. You end the day in your office, catching up on correspondence with vendors. As a wedding planner, you’ll do all these things and more. Not sure whether choosing this career path is worth it? Keep reading to learn more about what a wedding planner certificate can do for you.

What Do You Get With A Wedding Planner Certificate?

The online wedding planning course at Ashworth College provides everything you need to say “I do” to becoming a wedding planner:

  • Virtual field trips and multimedia presentations bring the concepts you’re learning to life in real-world contexts.
  • The Wedding Planner Resources supplement comes with checklists, timetables, scheduling forms, and other helpful documents that will make your life easier as you grow your business.
  • Upon graduation, you’ll get a one-year membership to the Association of Bridal Consultants®, which gives you access to insurance discounts, industry workshops, networking opportunities, and other benefits.

Even better, when you enroll, you’ll have… drum roll, please… the opportunity to become a Certified Sandals® Resorts Destination Wedding Specialist. If you’ve always loved weddings on the beach, this is for you!

How Is the Job Outlook for Wedding Planners?

The Association of Bridal Consultants reports that there are more than 2.4 million weddings each year– and that’s just in the United States. The number is probably much higher when you consider how many couples tie the knot at Sandals Resorts worldwide. That said, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, job growth in this area from 2016-2026 is projected to be 11% faster than in other sectors. In May 2017, the median wage for event planners was $48,290. When you gain some experience in the wedding industry, other careers that could be within your reach include marketing and social media management. Having a wedding planner certificate can also put you on track to find employment in upper-management-level positions.

What Does A Medical Office Assistant Do?

Helping patients with paperwork. Preparing exam rooms. Scheduling appointments. These are just a few of the tasks that may come across your desk as a medical office assistant. MOAs are responsible for providing much of the behind-the-scenes support that allows doctors, nurses, and other clinicians to do their jobs as seamlessly as possible. Medical office assisting involves administrative and clinical responsibilities.

For the Record

When you’re on desk duty, you will likely be in charge of keeping track of patient records and health insurance information. You may be tasked with checking patients in and scheduling appointments, too.  MOAs may sometimes be called upon to help patients fill out forms to chronicle their medical history. Part of your job description may also include handling matters related to billing, such as collecting copays and processing claims.

What the Doctor Ordered

On the clinical side, you may, under the supervision of a doctor or other healthcare professional, prepare patients for X-rays, perform labwork, and administer medication. When working with patients, MOAs need to be compassionate and professional. The prescription for effective communication with clinicians and patients includes the following:

  • attentive listening
  • time-management, efficiency
  • excellent written and spoken communication skills
  • good decision-making
  • patient-oriented attitude
  • situational awareness

What Medical Office Assistants Are Not Responsible For

Although a medical office assistant may help doctors with simple medical procedures, state laws generally prohibit them from being involved in more complex procedures that can only be performed by doctors, nurses, or physician assistants.

How Can You Become A Medical Office Assistant?

You can earn a certificate, diploma, or associate degree in medical office assisting through a community college or vocational school. Accredited online colleges may also offer courses of study in that field.  Online learning is often highly-affordable and can give you the flexibility to study whenever and wherever you choose. In many cases, a certificate or diploma is all you need to start your career. Amid a growing demand for healthcare, job growth in this area is expected to outpace other sectors.

Students who complete (or are very close to completing) their program of study may be eligible for professional certification.

Ultimately, medical office assisting involves periodic check-ups of your clinic or hospital department’s vital signs and making sure all systems are running as they should. Request info or enroll today to begin working toward a medical administrative assistant certification.

Affordable HVAC Schools Can Help You Advance Your Career

Looking for a way to warm up your technical skills? Are you interested in a hands-on career in an in-demand field? HVAC schools can provide you with the skills employers are looking for.

What is HVAC?

HVAC includes all the components of heating, air conditioning, ventilation, and refrigeration systems. It incorporates concepts related to mechanical engineering and principles of thermodynamics, heat transfer, and fluid mechanics.

What do you learn in HVAC school?

HVAC schools teach aspiring technicians how to install, troubleshoot, and maintain residential and commercial heating, cooling, and refrigeration systems. Students learn how to work with gas, oil, and electric heat and install hot gas bypass valves and head pressure control. Lessons also focus on how to use various HVAC tools, including ammeters, ohmmeters, and voltmeters. Mastering soldering and brazing techniques is an important part of the curriculum, too.

What types of HVAC schools are there?

There are many specialties and levels of certifications within the HVAC industry, and while completing a degree program does not automatically result in certification, these courses of study can prepare technician candidates to take the required exams to become licensed. HVAC schools are often part of traditional and online colleges and trade schools, where students can earn HVAC degrees.

How long does HVAC school take?

An HVAC program can take anywhere from 6-24 months. Many accredited online colleges offer HVAC training, too. You may be able to complete one of those programs in less time than it takes at a traditional school, depending on how quickly you progress through the courses. Online learning is self-paced, so you can study whenever and wherever it’s convenient.

Will earning an HVAC certificate increase my salary?

If you work in construction or maintenance, a credential may translate to more opportunities to advance your career. Most employers in the HVAC industry require their workers to have related training and certifications. The good news is that these qualifications can raise the thermostat on your earning potential. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, median pay for HVAC technicians in 2017 was $47,080, and 15% job growth is expected within the industry by 2026, which is well above average compared to other sectors.

Feeling pumped about affordable HVAC training online? Contact an accredited online college to learn more or enroll today.

How Long Does It Take To Become An Electrician With Online Electrician Training

Are you the one your friends call on when they’re installing a ceiling fan or home theater equipment?  Do you like taking broken appliances apart to find the source of the problem? If so, electrician training can put you on a path to turn your interests into a rewarding career.

What Are the Requirements to Become an Electrician?

Specific requirements for becoming an electrician depend on the state and municipality where you plan to work. However, most require you to be at least 18 and have a high school diploma or GED.

When landing your first entry-level job, you’ll be expected to be familiar with tool usage, electrical equipment installation, basic electricity, and current theory. You can gain these skills through an apprenticeship right after high school. It may be easier to get connected to an apprenticeship if you have already completed an electrician training course that aligns with the National Electric Code (NEC). An accredited electrician school can provide you with the skills employers are looking for.

After completing electrical training, the next step is to apply for an apprenticeship, where you will work under the guidance of an experienced electrician. Additionally, you may need to register as an electrician with your city or state.

What Exams Do I Need to Pass to Become an Electrician?

Your program includes periodic assessments to make sure you’re mastering the material. After you finish your online training, you may be required to take an exam to become licensed. These requirements vary by city and state. You may also have to take a basic aptitude test to be accepted to an apprenticeship.

Why Consider an Online Electrician Course?

Accredited online colleges allow you to complete your program at your own pace, so you’re not held back by a traditional school schedule. And you can study anywhere it’s convenient, as long as you have a reliable Internet connection– and a good power source of course. At Ashworth College, for instance, you can complete our online electrician course in just four months. Plus, a number of online colleges offer highly-affordable tuition, so you don’t have to short-circuit your bank account to get a quality education.

If electrician training sounds like the outlet you’re looking for to help you put your skills and passion to work, enroll today or contact Ashworth College for more info.

How Long Is Vet Tech Schooling?

Taking X-rays. Providing nursing care to animals post-surgery. Answering a pet parent’s questions about medication. These are just a few of the things vet techs do. Earning your credential is easier than you might think. Keep reading to learn about how vet tech schooling can lead to a rewarding career.

Why Consider Vet Tech Schools Online?

In case you’re not familiar with vet tech schools online, it’s time to let the cat out of the bag. Accredited online schools offer a quality, affordable education and give you the flexibility to study whenever and wherever you want. At Ashworth College, you can earn your Veterinary Technician Associate Degree in just six months, depending on your pace. And you won’t have to go on a wild goose chase to fulfill your clinical requirements. We help students arrange a 270-hour externship in their respective communities so they can get the hands-on experience they need to successfully complete the program.

Who Should Become A Vet Tech?

Vet tech schooling can be a good fit for those who are seeking a career in animal care but may not be in a position to put in the time and money required to become a veterinarian. With a booming pet industry, the lion’s share of related career opportunities will be within your reach. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook, job growth for vet techs is expected to reach 20%, well above average compared to employment growth overall. That translates to about 20,400 new jobs. In May 2017, median earnings for vet techs was $33,400. Those who complete veterinary technician school land jobs in animal clinics, hospitals, and laboratories, where they have a variety of responsibilities, such as administering medication and preparing animals for surgery.

Keep in mind that being a vet tech is about more than just working with garden-variety pets. You may be required to care for exotic animals and livestock, too. Good communication skills and a healthy balance of compassion and professionalism are necessary when interacting with pet owners– whether it’s to discuss a medical procedure or help them understand a complex diagnosis.  While much of the job involves hands-on care, you’ll also have routine desk duties– billing, coding, taking phone calls, and other administrative tasks.

If veterinary technician school sounds like the cat’s meow, contact an accredited online college for more info or enroll today.

Things to consider while Getting enrolled in Criminal Justice

Accredited online university has compiled a list of five important things that you must keep in mind while getting registered for earning an online certificate in criminal justice.

  1. Ensure to earn a criminal justice certificate giving you college credit

Not all certificate and continued teaching programs are school credit compatible. A serious good thing about earning school credits within the criminal justice field is that those school credits might prevent time and cash down the road if you choose to upgrade your education with educational credentialing within the criminal justice field. By earning school credits for your certificate currently, those credits will usually be transferred directly toward a master’s degree down the road, if that’s one thing you think that you would possibly pursue within the future.

  1. Choose an online certificate for criminal justice

Online courses are the norm lately instead of the exception, as online education offers most flexibility once it involves finishing your certificate once it’s convenient for you, given your alternative responsibilities at work and reception. Distance education has matured quite a bit within the past fifteen years, and intrinsically the web learning surroundings is provided with modern technologies and tools that are designed to assist you bring home the bacon success altogether aspects of your criminal justice studies. And don’t worry concerning not having access to your academician or pedagogue – most honorable and commissioned online programs create it a degree to stay you closely connected to the professors who are teaching your Criminal Justice courses.

  1. Choose a graduate certificate program from an accredited institution

To earn certification, colleges and universities should meet a number of standards and rules from strict accrediting bodies that guarantee you’re earning a top quality papers. By attending an accredited establishment, you’ll be able to feel assured within the experience of the college, in addition as within the effectiveness and relevance of the program. Should the requirement arise, credits you’ve attained are sometimes transferable to alternative establishments, too.

  1. Experienced professors must teach you for criminal justice certificate courses

Before selecting a criminal justice certificate program, do some analysis and take a glance at the college which are going to be teaching your courses. Some establishments could have instructors who haven’t worked within the field and teach solely what they need learned in an exceedingly classroom. On the opposite hand, professors with real-world information will add vital price to what you learn within the classroom supported their own skilled expertise within the criminal justice field. This can be clearly your most fascinating learning surroundings, as these instructors have engineered a robust educational foundation to show from and may couple that by connecting it to their experiences within the field. This allows you to be told a lot of effectively – all whereas serving to you translate theory into follow.

  1. Certificate program in criminal justice must be designed with the robust tools

Research suggests that adult students learn best after they perceive however their work directly applies to their chosen professions and fields of study. That’s why it’s vital that a certificate program utilizes innovative teaching ways that at the same time interact you together with your work whereas connecting what you learn to real-world experiences you’ll encounter throughout your career. Seek for a program that has these quite tools engineered into its courses, like this Criminal Justice Leadership certificate program that exposes students to an actual case study involving a Pill Mill trial. Courses like this are designed to supply perspective and insight from all participants within the case, together with judges and prosecutors.