Here is what happened when I used an essay writing service

English is not my first language, and as a result, I have often struggled with my studies in this country. I understand what I am doing and learning, but when it comes time to put my thoughts and ideas on paper in a coherent way, sometimes the language I need escapes me. Thankfully, I am in the mathematics field, so the education that I received was not very English-heavy. However, I did have to take some rudimentary English classes along the way in which I struggled. While surfing the internet one night I stumbled upon Unemployed Professor, which promised to help me with papers in any subject.

Basically, I needed help with an English essay that I was struggling with. I explained my situation on the assignment description, and I got about five professors bid on it in about half an hour. One messaged me saying that he is also fluent in my first language, and that he understood where I was coming from on a different level. Obviously, I chose him for the work, and he ended up actually translating a paper that I did on the topic in my first language, but in English. This saved me money because he wasn’t writing from scratch, and helped me a lot with learning English because I could literally see how my ideas translated into this new language that I was having issues with.


I ended up working with this particular professor for a lot of different things. He helped me with reference letters, professional emails, as well as various other things I struggled with due to the language barrier. Through my communication with him, I feel that my written English has improved vastly. I am much more confident now, especially that I know I have a website I can trust with things that I must write in English. Unemployed Professors has not only helped me with my English studies, but helped me feel not so alone in a new country. This professor went above and beyond what he had to do, and I will always be thankful to this website for getting me in contact with him. I would recommend Unemployed Professors to anyone who could use a bit of help with their writing; it is a wonderful resource for those experiencing a struggle.

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