What does it take to be a successful online learner?

College Student Studying in Library — Image by © Peter M. Fisher/Corbis

Do not get impressed by all the benefits and flexibility of the online learning. If you are considering to take online courses, then this article is like a reality check for you. Due to aggressive marketing of the online learning courses and other programs, somehow we are leaving the reality of the efforts that these online courses need behind the curtains. The online learning marketing has made the online education as easy as to buy a degree online. That is why, being an educationist and the writer, I am writing this article in which I am going to tell you about the efforts and commitment that are required for the online learning. In the next line of this article, I am going to tell you that what does it take to be a successful online learner?

Effective Time-Management Skills:

The online learning courses or degree programs may allow you to be flexible with your timing. However, you do need the time management skills. A reason that makes managing the time complicated is that most of these online courses are not time bounded. Most of these online courses and online degree programs are not taught in real time. There are no set times for the classes that is why you have to be your own teacher and have to pace your study.

You have to develop the time management skills to be a successful online learner. You cannot take the flexibility of the online learning programs for granted. This can be a drawback and has been too for many students who failed in the online learning. Though, this cannot be happening overnight. You have to develop it and learn it. Which is another brief topic.

Basic technical Skills:

Because you would be using your computer and the internet, that is why you have to be skilled with basic technological knowledge. These basic technological skills include the ability to create new documents, use a word processing program, navigating the internet and downloading a software.

However, being an online learner you will get numerous opportunities to learn these basic technical skills. Most of the online learning schools in their orientation or through different programs, teach students how to use the school learning monitoring system and all the online tools which are important to perform all the learning activities. That is why being an online learner you have to know all of these computer skills to be a successful online learner.

Reading and Writing Skills:

The main way through which you will be communicating in an online class is by reading and writing. You have to read a lot of documents and the guidelines from your online school on the computer screen. And the only way you will have to give them the replies in written form. Moreover, you will also have to buy and read some textbooks.

The curriculum and exam structure of these online schools are also written based. Some tests or the quizzes may be in the form of multiple choice questions, but many of the assignments will involve writing short or long answers. That is why to be successful in online learning you have to be skilled in reading and writing skill.