For parents – What happens at a school science workshop?

School science workshops are organized by an institution or a group. It is an educational intuitive that is practical and exciting. It is used as an incentive to focus on determined levels that are used as rewards for some great work already started. It is the best option to provide further education for your youngsters. It motivates learning and further development beyond what has been learned in school.

Science workshops

In the workshops, children are allowed to do ‘hands-on’. The objective of this practical science to awaken their curiosity, stimulate questioning and kinesthetic learning inside a safe controlled environment. Pupils have the freedom to investigate electricity, note the forces at work, the pull of magnets, study rocket making, investigate the circuits, space & astronomy, study chemical reactions, look at the light, listen to the sound & feel the vibrations, study geology & fossils including the materials.


  • Those chemists are crazy

In this hands-on-session, the children explore chemical reactions. They will be using color changing liquids and slimy putty for each child to make a pot and take home. There will be a reaction from everyone after a cool mini explosion!

  • Is science snotty?

Dangerous germs are attacking the body and it must be protected. Children will observe how germs can easily spread. You must have mucus and see how it is able to protect you from the dangerous germs.

  • Electrons make your hair rise

This is an interesting hair-raising action! Create lightning in the classroom using circuits, conductors and insulators. Let some lucky volunteers get into action when their hair the stand on end with the generator!

science workshop

  • Show the light

Be illuminated as white light is split and rainbows are created in the classroom. Follow how light travels and its uses in everyday life.  Study the strength of UV when glowing potions and discover invisible messages hidden just in front of you but it is kept safe.

  • Do you know what that is?

It looks like a very simple material. How did the material similar to paper can completely disappear or how are two white powders completely opposite as one absorbs more water than the other. It is a fun workshop and everyone can bring the result of their experiment home.

  • Our earth is sensitive

With carbon dioxide is in the atmosphere, it makes our oceans more acidic. This change in acidity is tested with universal indicator.  You will see that even similar liquids differ in acidity.

  • Workshop transport

As the basics of forces are learned within this fun workshop, we understand how hot air balloon rises up and why a rocket is launched skywards. You can make your own straw rocket using Paper Stunt Plane. And you can even move a teacher around on our homemade hover-board.

So many science worships are conducted in many schools and centers. This summer, there will be more as parents want their children to learn something new, outside of the classroom. Parents are very much welcome to join the workshop with their kids. So they will not need to wonder what is happening as they are part of the activities.