What’s New for JSC Examinee?

Every year something new for JSC examinee. Recently, the government declares new things. In the GPA grading system, a student knows only their grade. A lot of students scored the same result. There is not enough difference between two same scored GPA student. Guardian in our country doesn’t like this system. From this year, the number is also published with GPA result. So, from now, the student can see their marks. In which subject, he scores how many numbers, everything is published with the result. So the resulting system becomes more apparent to all of us.

Result Publication

The jsc result 2016 is published in school. A student from his school can see their result. But, with our technology base life, we can see result from my home. By using a mobile phone, it is possible to see the result from home.

Mobile SMS

The result in mobile SMS is the easiest way to see the result. The student needs a Teletalk sim. How can he/she get his/her arise from a mobile phone is mentioned bellow.

  • First, go to the massage option.
  • Type JSC<space> 1st three letters of your board<space> Roll Number<space> Passing year. Example : JSC DHA 225146 2016
  • And send to the 16222.

You will get this result from any operator. But Teletalk is the most efficient mobile operator to published the result.


The result is being issued in the website. But you can’t see your result from other board. The result is published in website according to a board. But this system is not so efficient. So many people try to visit this site to see the result. So the server becomes jam. In most of the case, people can’t have success to see the effect. But the result is published on the board’s website. You can see the result in the website after several periods passed when the server become free. The process of seeing a result in a site is given bellow.

  • First, visit the website from which board in the JSC exam.
  • Then after a glance, you can find the page where you can see your result.
  • When you enter the page, put your exam type, board, roll, and year and submit.
  • After submitting you can able to see your result.

This is the process of watching result from education board website.